stylishirish replied to your post: got my roommate assignment and chatted…

i was just talking to mine for the first time and its like ok as long as u dont kill me while i’m sleeping it’ll all work out

omg same…and like theres so much shit to talk about that’s kind of awkward to bring up

got my roommate assignment and chatted with her a lil bit. she seems nice. i hope everything goes smoothly


seeing lesbians defend bi women and bi women defend lesbians on this website makes my heart happy

queersakura replied to your post: facebook is so invasive like, you brea…

and then you get paranoid and start to wonder if people think you’re weird right

YEA! like I don’t want to click on anything, just in case it becomes public omg

facebook is so invasive like, you breathe for more than 2 seconds and half the world is notified


do not trust people like me. I will reblog your post but then delete it later because its ruining my blogs aesthetic. 


My wall is looking nice lately and I’m happy (for now) yooooo


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